A Royal Commission into the Veteran Suicide Rate in Australia

Yesterday marked 100 years since the moment on 11 November 1918, when the guns on the Western Front fell silent and WW1 was over. For many Aussie veterans, the wars they fought never really end - but the silence around their suffering is deafening.
Australia's veteran suicide rate is a national tragedy.
We and 65,000+ people agree for a Royal Commission into the issue.
In 2017, 80 plus Australian Veterans have lost their lives to suicide.
Earlier this year, the Australian Government gave DVA a bucket of money to help in this area.. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be working. 
In Australia we have 300 plus Ex-Service Organisations working, but they really need a combined plan and to be working towards the same goal.
We call on the Australian Government to establish a Royal Commission with wide terms of reference to inquire into the Australian Veteran suicide rate and what can be done in practical terms to address this devastating situation.
Do you?

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